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Gray Services is a woman-owned and operated Alaskan company dedicated to managing the needs of our clients.  We'll work with you to help reduce your over-extended workloads, freeing up your valuable time to manage the myriad of tasks that require your attention.  With our devotion to details and outstanding customer service, we are ready to partner with you to assist with your bookkeeping, business and project related services and needs.  

Our Team



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Kirstie Gray




Leslie Davis is a life-long Alaskan. After a temporary move to Pennsylvania, she and her husband (who also works in the construction industry) chose to stay in Alaska to raise their four beautiful children. Leslie was Gray Services first hire and she has been in Accounting for the past eight years, specializing in onboarding new clients. In her free time, Leslie enjoys fishing on the Kenai, spending time with family, and dancing.

Kirstie Gray is a life-long Alaskan. When she was young, her father and mother began one of the first Internet Service Provider companies in Anchorage, and successfully ran it for many years. Kirstie grew up in business, learning how to manage people, tasks, computers, employees, and finances.

As she was growing up, Kirstie learned a lot from her parents about self-reliance, community, cooperation, business, a good work ethic and the importance of a work-life balance. They worked long hours, with their children by their sides, building their businesses.  Kirstie has now founded her perfect business which utilizes all her strengths. As the owner of her own bookkeeping company, Kirstie assists many small businesses with their books, payroll, project assistance and business development.  

Gray Services, LLC has clients that come from a range of backgrounds, from building construction to gravel to multi-million-dollar projects all over the state, to support service companies and Sole Proprietor businesses. Kirstie has good knowledge in many fields, which serves her well with the variety of businesses she serves. She has excellent skill in gaining, training, and retaining good employees who help her serve the clients.

Kirstie’s success is growing in Anchorage and state-wide, and her dream of owning her own business before she was 30 came true. A dream that was built on skill, determination, and awareness of what Alaskan businesses need, and the knowledge of how to fill those needs. Kirstie’s commitment to her community has achieved personal and professional growth, an understanding of what her clients need and how to provide it, and how to make quality changes in her world to make it a better place for each of us.

Supporting her community, she participates in local organizations such as Petroleum Club of Anchorage technology committee and Associated General Contractors of Alaska (AGC) board member. To support her work life balance Kirstie participates in her children’s school’s PTSA programs, spending time with her kids, is an avid golfer and enjoys fishing as often as she can get to the water.



Kacie Michaud and her children were all born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Being a true Alaskan, she enjoys camping and making memories with her kids. Kacie assists Gray Services with all things accounting and bookkeeping, including balancing accounts, solving challenging financial mysteries, and providing excellent customer service to our wide range of amazing clients.

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Originally from the Dominican Republic, Wilma has been in Alaska since she was 11 years old, living in Anchorage. She enjoys dancing, traveling, and spending time with her family. She is bilingual (English and Spanish) and has a degree in Business Administration. Wilma has years of experience with bookkeeping, payroll and accounting in the construction field, and looks forward to many years with Gray Services, LLC.

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Adam Caar


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An Alaskan, born and raised, Lauryn enjoys traveling but finds she loves Alaska best. Of all the places she has traveled, nothing else feels like home to her. As an Alaskan, she enjoys both the winter season including sledding and hot cocoa, and the summer season with picnics and late sunsets.

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