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Kirstie Gray


Kirstie Gray began her company, Gray Services, LLC, to help fill the gap she observed in the construction industry. Alaska's two seasons, winter and construction, leaves some companies unable to keep a year-round work force. Hence the “gap" where services are needed by project or on a monthly basis, to adhere to each company’s mission. Filling this “gap” allows Kirstie to serve multiple companies, working hand in hand to provide the array of services each one requires. Her work allows companies to access her broad range of services on an as-needed basis, both face to face and remote. Kirstie has worked a number of years in the construction industry, and her clients appreciate her capacity for construction support services, permitting, bidding/proposals, business development and bookkeeping. Realizing the construction industry is changing with technology and regulations, Kirstie continues to further her education and training, to support each of her varied client’s needs. 

Kirstie takes pride in supporting organizations like Associated General Contractors of Alaska by participating in their Safety Committee, which provides training and safety events to educate the community. Kirstie is a member of AGC’s Membership Committee and their Associates Council as well.

Kirstie is also one of the youngest members of the Petroleum Club of Anchorage’s House Committee. Kirstie would like to help Young Professionals realize the value and benefits of joining the organizations as well as helping everyone see how Young Professionals can add value to an already great industry.

Kirstie participates in her children’s School’s PTSA programs, coaches soccer during the summer, is an avid golfer and enjoys fishing as often as she can get to the water. 

Current Boards and Committees:

PCA House Committee (2018-Present)

AGC Board of Directors (2019-Present)

AGC Safety Committee (2017-Present)

AGC Membership Committee (2017-Present)

Lake Hood Elementary School PTA Vice-President (2018-Present)

Past Boards and Committees:

Romig Middle School PTSA President (2018/2019)

AGC Associates Committee (2015-2019)

AGC CLC Steering Committee (2015-2018)


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Anchorage, Alaska 99503


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